Art On Your Own Time

Today I want to tackle a topic that resonates with many of us: finding the time for art in a bustling world. (And if you’d prefer to listen to the audio click here.) So I recently received an email that sparked some introspection. It delved into the realm of artistic skill development, citing a study

The Perfectionism Trap: How to be perfectly imperfect

Today I’m diving into the murky waters of perfectionism (and if you’d prefer to listen to the audio click here). Perfectionism is that ever-present shadow that looms over us all, always quick to criticise but never offering a helping hand. You might be an artist like me, attempting to translate your soul onto canvas,(sort of!),

In defence of abstract art

It’s funny what some people think about abstract art. My mother is a great supporter of my art but a year or so ago she said to me, “I love your art but I think you’re more than capable of doing still life paintings.”   What?!   I can’t remember my reply. I hope I

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

I’ve had some wonderful news this week. Two of my paintings have been selected for a local exhibition. This is amazing and I’m over the moon. I have to drop the paintings off at the gallery on Feb 20th, the exhibition launches Feb 28th and runs until March 10th. I am so happy. This is

The Messy Stage

Painting requires a lot of determination and patience, no more so than when you hit the messy stage. I certainly find starting a painting relatively easy. I normally have an idea about the colour palette I want to use and the composition and the first application of paint is straightforward and enjoyable, the easy stage.

Courage and Community

The other day I shared a quote about courage on Instagram. “What we do, let’s do with boldness” (Courage Forever, John Bodwell Wood).  Since then I’ve been thinking a lot about courage and where it shows up, or doesn’t, in my life, in particular in regard to creating art.   We don’t always recognise it

Trusting the Process

Yesterday I did a post on Instagram about my art and OCD and I think it’s worth sharing here. I’ve been reflecting on why I create the art I create and why my process is the way it is and I think there’s a very close relationship between my art and my OCD.   There’s