Recent Highlights: Exhibitions, Portraits and Artistic Explorations

2024 has definitely started with a bang for me with lots of exciting developments to report. 

Selected for Swansea Open 2024 and Queen Street Gallery Neath Open 2024

I was delighted to have three pieces selected for exhibition at the Swansea Open (Glynn Vivian Gallery) and Queen Street Gallery’s (Neath) Open exhibitions. The two paintings are currently exhibiting at the Glynn Vivian Gallery are Interlude (the featured image for this post) and the following – 

Distant Summit

And Across the Way is on display at Queen Street Gallery.

Memorable Moments at Swansea Open and Neath

At the opening of the Swansea exhibition, I watched (lurked!) as one attendee took a photo of Distant Summit and another person kept going back to view it. I didn’t quite have the confidence to approach either of them about the work but it was lovely to see people taking such an interest.

I had a similar experience during the Neath exhibition when I saw a couple looking at Across the Way and heard them talking about how much they loved it. With a bit of encouragement from my husband I finally plucked up the courage to go and introduce myself to the woman as she was taking a photo of the painting and she told me she felt a real connection with it. It was so lovely to hear that and it gave my confidence a boost.

Exploring Generational Memory Through Portraits

I’ve been continuing to delve deeper into the theme of generational memory through my portrait work. Pieces like Me Myself & I and Me and My Shadows explore the intricate connections between past and present, while my latest creation, When Time Stood Still, captures a tender moment shared between a grandfather and grandson.

Me, Myself & I 

Me and My Shadows

When Time Stood Still

Let’s Face It 2024 with Kara Bullock

I’m currently participating in Kara Bullock’s “Let’s Face It 2024,” a 50 week course exploring different portrait styles. I’m having so much fun experimenting with new techniques and approaches to portraiture each week. Here are a few of my pieces.

So it’s been a busy but fun start to the new year. Stay tuned for more updates about my creative endeavours.